Monthly Rank.

Is there any point of being first? Do I get anything...? :D Cause I have been first for 3 months straight!! Is this something I can actually be proud of? :wahoo:
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  1. There is no reward or trohpy,it just shows your an active member.
  2. It's always nice to have new and active members to the forum. The best reward is knowing that you've helped your fellow man (or woman). :)
  3. amuffin,your a top notch forum member,keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Sometimes, I think I spend too much time on the forums!! :ouch:
  5. Though I wish we could get rewarded!! XD
  6. You will in the future,The force is with you!!!!!!!
  7. amuffin said:
    Though I wish we could get rewarded!! XD

    My reward is in the tips and information I pick up on the way to posting stuff I already know. You may not actually realise it but I bet you do too. I often say I doubt I could earn my living fixing PCs without being a Forum poster for the last eight years. Keep up your good work, amuffin and you'll absorb stuff like a sponge and you won't even know it.

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