Corsair tx750 vs ocz pro 700

hi i have a z68 motherboard with i2400, 8mb ram a dvd-rw and couple of fans and 1 gb hard drive, right now i am running a 550 ti video card but also have an engtx460 768 mb i may swap it with or maybe get a bigger one in the future, but this is a cyberpower c with the genereic xtremegear 700 watt power supply and i notice it doesnt even have another 6-pin connector so was thinging of upgrading to one of the better ones thats on sale at newegg can get the ocz 700 right now for 59.00 or the corsair tx750 for 79.00 any advice? also anyone know if the engtx asus 60 768mb would be better than my stock 550 ti? thanks
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  1. First of all make sure for your current power supply brand and post it.. it may be ok and no need to change. The tx750 is a great power supply.
    About the video card, there is not such a card as engtx asus 60.. your missing a number. it may be gtx 460 or 560 or anything.. post it here for help
  2. the power supply is extremgear 700 watt and my video card is an asus engtx460 the 768mb version

    I can't be certain if the 460 is 768MB, but it gives you an idea of how they stack up IMO.

    However, I would think a 550w PSU would do you just fine if you don't plan on adding in a second card later on. <-recommend due to price+discounts at the moment
  4. +1 to mochan's recommendations. the corsair TX750 (or even 650w) would be fine if you plan to run the GTX460 768mb in SLI
  5. Agreed with above, you'll most likely need some adapters if the 460 needs two 6 pin (for SLI), but otherwise, the TX650 should be able to power your rig without a hitch.
  6. I wouldn't bother getting some adapters and all that non sense if you plan to run the GTX460 768mb in SLI just buy the corsair tx750 it's built by seasonic if it's the tx v2 and it's more than enough has all your required needs and then some extra breathing room to top it off less hassle great price enough said.
  7. For a single GPU syste, you don't need more than a good 500-550W PSU. For you particular system with a GTX460 or 550ti, a good quality 400-450W is more than sufficient.
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