Can a 6+2 pin go into a 6?

I'm a bit confused, I'm planning on buying an HD 7950 and it has two six pins and the PSU I'm buying only has 2x 6+2 pins, are the 6+2 only for 8 or can it be used for 6 too?

Sorry if this wasn't the right section.
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  2. BigMack70 said:
    Yup you're good to go - the 6+2 PCI-e power connector functions as both an 8 pin or if necessary a 6 pin. Just plug in the 6 pin part and you're fine. I have the same thing with my rig. The 8 pin connectors deliver more power than the 6 pin, so this just means your PSU is designed to deliver more than your 7950 will need.

    Thank you very much. :)
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