Suggest a Video Card for me!

Hey all - just looking for some suggestions on video cards. Right now I run 2x 5770 in CF.

I'm looking for gaming performance. Right now I am mainly playing SWTOR (my current cards run it pretty well at high settings, but I have to have some things like shadows off, and the FPS occasionally drops randomly). In the future I am looking at Diablo 3 plus whatever else may be on the horizon. I also play the occasional FPS (e.g. Tribes Ascend).

Other system stats:

- Core i5-750 2.67GHz


- 720W Power Supply (Corsair)

- Game at 1920x1200. Prefer to play WITH AA.

So I've got plenty of leeway PSU wise. Budget - $250 to $350.

The obvious choices are 6970 or GTX 570. I don't overclock.

One note. I don't mind the fan being "noisy" at load though I don't want it obnoxiously so. But at idle (e.g., at the desktop, listening to music, browsing the web) I need it to be VERY QUIET. This is why I picked the 5770s a while back. I force the fan to minimum settings (20%) when not under load and they are nearly silent.

Thoughts? Will a 6970 be a big boost over 2x 5770?
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    I am currently running a single 5770 (got sick of trying buggy CF) and I am holding out to see how the 7870 performs for ~$300. They should be out the first week of March from what I hear. If they don't stack up to expectations, I may be saving for a 7950 or 7970.
  2. If you need the card RIGHT now, go for the GTX 570 or the HD 6970 depending on your preference of brand. The 6970 outperforms the 570 though.

    If you're willing to wait a month or two, I'd wait to see what kepler brings to the table.
  3. Thanks for the input! I'm not in a huge rush - so I guess I can hold off and see what hits in March.
  4. +^1 sheletal
    the hd 7000 series do have the 'zerocore power' state, where the gpu uses 3-5W of power while not in use.
  5. Au_equus said:
    +^1 sheletal
    the hd 7000 series do have the 'zerocore power' state, where the gpu uses 3-5W of power while not in use.

    Oooh, I didn't even know that! Can't wait to see the drop in my power bill. Now if only I can talk my flatmate into upgrading as well.
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