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Sorry for the long post, but I am in need of some serious, expert SCSI troubleshooting help! I have an AMD K6-II 450Mhz, Win98SE, 384MB RAM, EIDE 10GB HDD, EIDE CD-ROM, and EIDE CD-RW. I recently upgraded for digital imaging purposes adding a Polaroid SprintScan 4000 and Epson 1270 printer. The SS4000 comes with an AdvanSys ABP3922 SCSI card. After completing the installation, my system locks-up randomly but persistently. Sometimes within a few minutes, othertimes after several hours. When using Photoshop 5.5 and Silverfast Ai5 Scanner Driver the system will USUALLY work for a few hours, but SOMETIMES locks-up within a few minutes. I have found that using the internet causes the system to persistently lock up very quickly (sometimes during login, othertimes after a few minutes of surfing).

If you are interested in lending a much need helping hand, please email offline at I have tried a whole array of things with no success. I have also tried the manufacturer's tech support. Polaroid even purchased a system like mine to perform tests. Their initial tests resulted in a working system. I should be so lucky. Thanks.
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  1. I'm no SCSI expert, so the only suggestion I have is to check your drivers.

    Good luck
  2. It could be an IRQ sharing problem, especialy if your modem and SCSI card are on the same IRQ.

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  3. Thanks Kwonger and Crashman, I have looked at all the drivers I can think of. The motherboard, modem, scanner, and video card. All appear to be correct and current. I even looked into the motherboard's and SCSI card's bios and both are current. I verified all the devices on the PCI bus have unique IRQ's, no sharing. The three devices on the PCI bus are the SCSI, a generic lucent 56K modem and generic sound card. What are the possibilities of plain old incompatability? Does this happen anymore? Should I replace the SCSI card, the modem, or even the motherboard and processor? What about the video card? I read on MicroSuck's website that with AMD systems and Win2K the AGP video card can go belly up. I verified the AGP driver and updated even though I'm running WIN98SE. Any more thoughts anyone? Thanks for all your assistance.
  4. I had an advansys scsi card in my system when my adaptec card died on my, the system at the time was a k6-3 450 on a gigabyte 5ax board. I'd get exactly the same problem as you. I now have a did=fferent setup, still with the same card and works fine, my suggestion is to get another card (I wont buy an advansys (actaully advansys is iwill) again- I keep meaning to replace it). I had trouble with the card right from the start, the drivers came on cd- GOOD IDEA especially since both my cd drives are scsi!!, couldnt boot from it, it was just cheap crap. then again, it didnt cost much, like most things in life- you get what you pay for.

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