Graphic video card for under 300w psu

Graphic video card for under 300w PSU ?
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  1. Generally speaking the Radeon HD 6670 should work with a 300w PSU depending on how many amps (A) are on the +12v rail.

    A Dell or HP PC with a 300w PSU should be fine.
  2. only one 12v connector - 19A !
  3. An HD 7750 is now the best card for a 300w PSU.
  4. well , how much power watts Radeon HD 6670 would consume on desktop pc ?
  5. HD7750. Period.
  6. Please also post power -watts with replies
  7. Actually, yes the HD 7750 would be better. I didn't know they were released recently.
  8. hd 7750 is really an good card which uses less power and gives equal performance that hd 6770 games or little bit less so it will be an good upgrade.:)
  9. The HD 7750 has a maximum wattage of 55w.,3135.html

    The HD 6670 actually has a higher maximum wattage of 66w. And it's almost 75% slower.,2925.html
  10. the 7750 is probably the best option you can get. from my understanding it doesn't require any external power. So its fully power efficient.
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