GTX 560 ti (SLI) overheat?

Alright so I'll say this, I was playing just cause 2 (steam sale) and everything is running smooth then screen freeze, display goes to sleep, but the cpu is still running and everything else is but the GPU's aren't. I open the case, put my finger on the top card (card 1) and it is HOT, I feel the second GPU and it is also very hot. I'm almost positive that they are overheating but is it normal?

Here's the setup:

The case is a Thermaltake V3 (Got it for free soooo), the CPU cooler is a Corsair h80 so no prob on the CPU, and there are 3 case fans, one blue led one (probably mediocre, came with the case) and two cougar vortex fans, the airflow I'm pretty sure is okay, and it goes like this: Blue led fan in front of the case, blowing out, Cougar vortex on top pulling out, cougar vortex number 2 on bottom of case bringing cool air in, PSU fan coming pulling from the bottom of the case (fan facing the ground, metal facing up). The cards are just EVGA ones with one fan each.

I was thinking of water cooing the GPU's or getting a corsair 600t, don't really know what my problem is so it's hard to root out a fix.
Oh and can card crashes harm the PC or the GPU's?
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  1. Oh and the GPU's are powered by their own PSU that sits outside the case.
    I'm thinking of getting the HAF 912 or the Storm scout, maybe the sniper, would any of those help airflow?
  2. Run a burn-in program and see if they go above their max Temps?
  3. I would be inclined to change the front fan to an induction one. I have found on my system, and read other posts that indicate that for good air flow to have the following arrangement:

    front fan: induction
    top fan: exhaust
    bottom fan: induction
    back fan: exhaust

    By not having the front fan pulling air in it would be disrupting the airflow. ie. you would primarily be trying to draw cool air from the bottom of the case, which is difficult unless the legs on the bottom of the case are really long.

    It should mean that if you have the above arrangement cool air will come in the front and bottom and then go over all your components (including your cards) and and then vent at the back and top.

    Also, maybe add an induction fan on the side too.
  4. Yea the front fan should be an intake. I have a similar setup with dual 560ti's in SLI but run 5 fans. 1 front intake, 2 side intakes, 1 top exhaust, and 1 rear exhaust. If you can, add more fans. If you cannot, buy some quality fans that with air flows of 70cfm or more.

    I have also customized my GPU fan speeds. If you do not have a program to monitor fan speed, temperature, clock speeds, then you should definitely download one. That way you can keep an eye on your GPU temps.

    Something like MSI Afterburner for example. It is especially nice because you can have an On Screen Display of various things like GPU temps while your gaming.

    Edit: Oh yea, cable management is very important too! If you have your cables all over the place that will impede airflow. Try to keep them out of the way.
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