Xigamatek mobo type ? + gpu faq q

Hey all.

Usually i need notuth ask a community as ether answer is pretty obvious and or already on google. Im currently once one more hdd arrives + sata cable aboot to embark on my newest build. God shall it be a beut. A couple of questions most important first.

I have always been a Zalman cooler man. Imf my 4ghz e8500 never maxed 50c on full load so back in day they were epicness. Howeva im going with a FX-8120 cus i believe with abit of support AMD can go back to their sempron days of cpu pwnage. We all know they have smashed nvidia on the gpu side now its the cpu's turn. (6990 +7990 proof of smashin) anyway.

I got a Sabretooth 990fx mobo to mount the beast on. Then down heart i realised 2 things. No serial jumper ports (yeh im oldschool :p ) and no possible way h i would be able to mount my lga 775 cooler on a am3+ socket. So i purchased a Xigmatek Nighthawk stealth heatsink. Looks bad ass and as im a avid overclocker i will be crankin this core up and atom. Ok so my problem is the instructions are a little ott confusing. They give me 3 types of instalation instructions for the one chipset type. How in gods name do i kno what type i have?defo is no online list well that my phone can find. Been off net for 5 months i get 109mbs on the 23rd. Epic day todo a £1k build as i always get latest drivers etc im waitin till then. So if any of u xiggy users can tell me how i find out which set of instructions i follow swell.

Now the second is more a faq q. I already installed my Sapphire 6870 into my old board. Loadest latest drivers i got a cheap 1080p monitor. Not amazingly cheap but cheapish. I plan on goin to 120hz at xmas paycheck will allow it. Ok 2 problems ere.1 i bloody hate vsync im a onine fps player it can goto hell. Howeva on gettin screen and hookin up with hdmi i noticed it tore to hell and bck. Moar then it did on my 13 year old 5:4. So i tryed vsync with no luck at all.. Via ati control panel + via game itself nothin solved it. Now being tech minded i kno the bigger a cable is the better down to wireless scks ass. So i got a big fat gold plated anti noise dvi-d cable. Wonderfull who would though passing audio + video down one cale was a stupid idea well me. It reduced the screen tearin with vsync off tons. Anyway my question .... Will the new mobo and core help? Because it is a new card? Runnin on old school pci-e slot will that affect its performance in that way?

The second q regarding that paragraph above. On BF3 runnung in high i noticed the clouds look like crap. Imf looks like gpu is failin howeva ive done extensive testin with dx11 aps to ensure its not. Will the new mobo help sder to? Is there difference between a pci-e slot made 3 years ago and one made last week? I made sure my psu is a beasty one not cheap so thats not problem. Tit was built for xfire configs. Anyway

Anyway forgive poor format. On a phone and it fails hard on long posts if i touch screen im screwed after first paragraph and u gota type it all again. All the very best to you all. If u can answer any question i will be happy. Moar important tho is the heatsink. As i said im installing it on 23rd. I have 23 imbedded in my viens. My isp could only fit superfast 23 days from call i made on 1st of month. Everyday i get pn motorway and leave it at j23. Jim carry is laughing at me. I wont let him burn up £1k off my stuff. If he does ill jusst rna it. Howeva i really want this build to go problem free. 5 months no net. I need to get bck to my Battlefield. Killing time is finally here. :-) So aye if anypony can help much appriecated.

Brohoof to you all


P.S have a lovely day
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  1. Small bump doing build in 3 days and its still just as confusing. They list 2 different parts as one.... The parts list goes X or X as part 6. I have had confidence since a young age at everything i have done on the PC. But Xigametic makes things far to confusing. Instructions i usually nvr read and tbh really regretting reading these woulda been easier to try it blind folded then reading thesee. They make things
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