PNY GTX 580 Fan not working, heating up on idle...

I came home today to a computer that was not being my friend, up until today it's been great, but when I came home from work it kept going to blank black screen on it's own, when I would get to the part about how the computer did not shut down properly, I could never pick any safe modes as once I hit the arrow keys it would rapidly flip though all the choices.

Upon picking start normally I would hear a rapid clicking noise, like a bad HDD, & when I would try to restart or shut down, it would just go back to the "your computer did not shut down properly" screen, rinse & repeat. Once started up, it would say it was a BCC 124 error, but I noticed the GPU was running super hot while idling. So I finally got it to shut down normally from the windows log in screen, & since I no longer hear that clicking noise at start up. The GPU temps are still a problem though, the fan on the GPU is not running, so at idle, she'll run up to 97 some degrees C, so to compensate popped of the side panel and stuck 7" desk fan next to it & manged to get my idle temps down to the mid 40s to 50 degrees C. It's not enough to suppress a game though.

So looking at GPU-Z it'll say the fan is at something like 44%, but the RPM is 0, the fan can move if blown on with air, but even after installing the latest drivers, for what ever reasons, the fan will not run. The card is also not that old either, but past it's 90 days.

Advice, suggestions, prayers?

The details:
HP Pavilion HPE h8-1030
3.2 GHz AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Processor
10 GB of RAM
PNY GeForce GTX 580 Graphics card - 1.5 GB
1.5 TB HD
Windows 7 64-bit
Corsair GS700 Power Supply
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  1. Sounds like a hardware problem; talk to pny and get an.rma going.
  2. Yes i think so too. What i understand from your post is that the Fan is not spinning regularly and the GPU temps gets too high which causes the blank screen and the shutdown.
  3. PNY has a great warranty program they should replace the card. If you dont want to go that route you can look into buying a new fan. Normally they are only held on with 3 screws cost around 10- 15 bucks and you dont even have to remove the cooler. The hard part will be finding the right fan.

    Or you can look at a new aftermarket cooler,

    Or you can try to rig-retrofit the cooler with a standard 92 or 120 MM fan. Toms did it in the beat the heat air cooler article they did a few months back. Simple mod that made the video card much cooler.
  4. If it worked on a 480 it should work on your 580, they have the same basic shape and cooler.,3058-11.html
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