Which is best powercolor 2 gb ddr3 6670 or saphire 1 gb ddr5 6670

which is best in every aspect
powercolor 2gb ddr3 6670
saphire/His 1gb ddr5 6670
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  1. Get the 1GB of DDR5 RAM, it will probably be around 5% faster than DDR3 RAM.

    The HD 6670 is not powerful enough to use 2GB of RAM anyway.
  2. The hit will be larger than 5% actually. A DDR3 HD6670 is really just an overclocked HD6570.

    I wouldn't recommend either considering the HD6770 is 40-50% faster than the DDR5 HD6670 and can be had for basically the same money lately;

  3. so, are you suggesting that i should go for ddr5 6670 or saying i should wait for price down of 6770 to current ddr5 6670. I am really confused right now. this isn't the case that i have any urgency to buy gpu, i just need a gpu so that no need to upgrade it for 1-2 years minimum and must not regret performance too. the current difference for 6670 to 6770 is about 2000 INR. while stream processors goes from 480 to 800.
    So, i need perfect advice.

    and yeah, please consider my M/B too. MSI G31TM P21 having vga port only. http://www.msi.com/product/mb/G31TM-P21.html

    will 6670 dual link dvi will be fit in it ?
  4. Well, what resolution monitor will you be using? The HD6670 is intended for low resolutions while the HD6770(or HD5770, they are the same card) is generally considered the minimum you would want for high resolutions. There is also the HD6750/5750 which fall between the two but is closer in performance to the HD6770 if that card makes more sense financially where you are.

    As for the motherboard any card should fit. What may limit what card you can use is your power supply and possibly the size of your case.
  5. Currently i work on 1366 X 768 and i didn't played games on more than 1024 X 768 as my old integrated graphic is not capable of it. So, I think playing on 1366 X 768 will be great for me and there is no need for me to go beyond it. So, as if i buy 6670, can i play including 2012 games smoothly on high settings on this resolution.

    if I buy 6770, what will i get in terms of upper need of mine, flawless playing and.....

    And what you think about Dx 12 gaming future........... is it near or Dx 11 will be around 1-2 years.

    here is my motherboard pic for power supply and space and size for the card
  6. If you want to be able to max out the settings in the large majority of current games at that resolution I would recommend you spend the extra money on at least the HD6750 but preferably the HD6770. Your PSU isn't the greatest but even a poor 450w should handle these cards.
  7. I agree with jyjjy. 6750 or 6770 would be very good for your needs, and always GDDR5 over DDR3.
  8. Thanks all !!

    ok, then I am ready for 6770 but as i don't have 6 pin power supply from my psu then what to do about that ? do i have to buy new psu or is there any converter/connector available for it ?
  9. Often the cards come with an adapter that converts two 4-pin molex connectors to a 6-pin PCI-E. You may want to research the specific models you are considering online before buying to make sure the card you get has one. If newegg sells the card they usually have a pic that shows everything that comes in the box.
  10. The Thing is newegg can't supply in india.
  11. can you get a 7750? that can solve the 6 pin issue and you won't have to worry about the psu being insufficient.
  12. prodavid said:
    The Thing is newegg can't supply in india.

    I never said to order the card from newegg. The site will still allow you to look at the pictures even if you are in India.
  13. jyjjy said:
    I never said to order the card from newegg. The site will still allow you to look at the pictures even if you are in India.

    Yeah, and i considered that and selected the model. But one thing i didn't get much that what's major difference in flex , direct cu and normal 6770 in performance and difference in cooling.
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