How to install 32 bit Windows 7

I did a clean install at 64. It gave me a choice and I mistakenly chose 64.

I discovered my printer will not work (no 64 driver)

I now want to install at 32.

But it no longer asks me which to use: 64 or 32, even though I have wiped the drive clean and started from scratch.

How can I get the install to ask me if I want 32.

Thank you.
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  1. What Windows is it? OEM or Retail?
  2. If the disc contains multiple versions of Windows 7, you'll be asked to choose a version.

    Generally 32-bit versions are referred as x86 and 64-bit versions as x64.

    So choose accordingly. If your RAM is not more than 3GB, there is no reason to choose 64-bit and it is always safer to go with 32-bit as most hardware and software are compatible with it.
  3. My problem is that I am no longer asked to choose a version, which I mentioned in my post.

    It is Windows 7, retail, Ultimate.

    Yes - 32 is preferable. But I cannot get back to it.

    I even installed XP (which is 32) and then installed Windows 7. Still no more request as to which to install - it just automatically installs 64.
  4. Do u see custom or advanced options?
  5. nikorr said:
    Do u see custom or advanced options?

    Do u see custom or advanced options?

    I have tried both
    still no opportunity to choose 32 bit
  6. nikorr said:

    lot of it quite familiar

    In this article, could not find info about how to choose 32 when the choice of 64 (maybe remembered by the mother board) has already been made
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