Building "Budget" PC

Want to build the best computer I can get at ~$350. The only game right now would be Minecraft on any settings (but preferably higher). Besides that maybe Age of Empires II.

Debating between FX 4170 + 6100
Is more cores and slower clock better or higher clock and less cores at the same price???


Is it worth upgrading to 1600 Mhz??? If so please provide link.

Would like to skip buying PSU so is this Case + PSU enough???


DVD/CD Drive

Wireless Card
I need someone to recommend one.

I need someone to recommend one.

A flavor of Linux (probably Ubuntu)

$342 (I think)
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  1. No, that case and PSU are horrible. NEVER skimp on the PSU. You don't want your build dying on you, do you?
  2. AMD would be a pretty bad choice as of now. The FX-4170 is not that great at all specially in gaming. In fact even as a basic computer, the i3 2100 trumps the FX-4170 by a margin. I'd go with Intel on this one.

    That'd allow $32 for the GPU, that I'd use for the 6770/5770

    For the PSU, at least get the CX430V2
  3. Forgot to include hard drive.

    New Hard Drive

    New CPU/Mobo

    New PSU

    Holding on upgrading graphics card for now.

    New RAM
    (More $ but higher cas latency)

    New Case

    New Wireless Adapter

    I guess that's all the upgrades for now but I still need some recommendations for keyboard/mouse.
  4. Still not a very good PSU. It'll crap out on you in the long run because of cheap capacitors. I'd just spend $7 more for the CX430v2.
  5. The only thing I might not like about Intel is this:

    Can I overclock the Intel Core i3 using the Motherboard if it isn't an unlocked multiplier/k version???
  6. @aznshinobi

    I guess if you think it's really worth it I'll go with the better PSU.

    What do you think of the changes???
  7. You can't overclock, but AMD is still definitely not the route to go. You get no upgrade path as the FX-8150 is barely an improvement. Also AMD's chips after overclocking have terrible efficiency and A HUGE increase in power consumption. Even after overclocking they aren't able to compete with Intel's i5 chips.

    As for the i3 no you can't overclock but in gaming the i3 is probably much better. And yes I think it's worth it for a more stable system. Overall looks good.
  8. Is the refurbed hard drive okay???
  9. I've heard bad things from that particular distribute. I wouldn't try and skimp on it. Can you reuse one from a prior build?
  10. No but I can go with a non-refurb if necessary.

    Anyone know of a cheap keyboard and mouse??? Wireless not required, cables are fine.
  11. Uhhh any Rosewill on Newegg would be fine. Lots of cheapo stuff that are fairly good. Gigabyte has solid mouses at low prices.
  12. as to overclocking the i3 2100 check out this thread here on T'sHdwr

    It doesn't look like a good idea but not all ideas are created equal so check this out as well...and read the whole article for insights to increase performance safely... and this plus this

    Overclocking is unique to each machine and the personal limits and risks you are willing to set or accept.

    as to ram...1333 goes up to 1600 if overclocked...but the difference is literally "negligble" with the mobo and cpu and hdds you've a few bucks and go with the 1333 and oc as much as your motherboard and cpu configuration will allow for stablility and reliability.

    I've used refurbed hdd's many times with zero issues...but issues do occur and as often with even a new hdd vs refurbished one... for me... failures are about equal per my experiences "as I've never had one fail" but read a lot of forums and feedback at newegg.

    This would be a personal and budgetary decision and you should go with what YOU feel most comfortable with...if budget allows of course.

    Otherwise your budget build looks great, provides for inplace simple upgrades as budget allows and should be a very steady and reliable machine.

    Good luck!

  13. ..... You can't overclock chips that don't have the designated "K" annotation. Period. I don't know why people think you can, you just can't. But people make it seem like you can, maybe you can overclock your RAM speeds but you can't overclock the CPU.
  14. I'm not the one saying you can overclock the 2120 but alternatively, I'm not the one stating irrevocably...that you can't either!

    There are POSTED cpu-z shots for validation of the overclock, there are steps outlined as to how to safely do the overclock...and the results ARE validated.

    So your statement that you CAN NOT overclock seem to be in error. You should go and check out and the article, cpu-z website and the verification of the chip and verify for yourself.

    I was just showing the individual how somebody else has managed to squeeze performance out of the 2120 and was able to verify stability at the overclock speeds.

    Providing information pertinent to the situation being discussed is all I can do because I do NOT own a 2120, I own a 2700K OCed to 5.2 but I do know how to find verifiable proof and present the info to the question being asked so that the guy on here can make an informed decision himself.
  15. I'm not exactly sure what you are talking about because I don't browse anywhere other than THG. But a CPU-Z screen shot is different than running Prime95 for 1+ hours to guarantee stability. As for the overclocking, if this is considered overclocking then I guess it can.
    I'm thinking more along the lines of core clock. But I guess it's not the only thing to do.
  16. I should have said a bootable bad there...I agree with prime 95 but I like to run it for 24 hrs to ensure stability system wide and no heat issues...I agree that I personally wouldn't call that overclocking...but there apparently is a tiny bit of room using the bclk to eke out a 150Mhz or so.

    It won't gain him much performance but then that's his choice and whatever makes him feel comfortable.

    Otherwise I wouldn't expect much improvement with that particular cpu model other than spec + a little bit :)
  17. Haha glad we agree though. Sorry for coming off a bit of a jerk.

    True though, he would be getting the most out of his build.
  18. Not a Problem...yepper!
    Have a good evening!!

  19. I think I might still go with one of the FX's. I'd really like to overclock (just for the fun of it) even if it's only on air cooling. Would the AMD motherboard also support overclocking the ram + GPU???

    Which FX should I get???

    I probably don't want the 8 core because of the price.
  20. It would support overclocking, all of the AMD motherboards support it. But performance-wise, it'd be unwise to do so. You don't get an upgrade path as well since the 4170 to the 8120 doesn't have much improvement. Honestly if you go with the FX chips you might as well get the old AM3 platform. The 955 or 965 are at least better in gaming than the FX chips.
  21. Is the 955s and 956s the Phenom II's???
  22. Indeed they are and available cheap

    that 955 there is OEM so no would need to purchase a separate heatsink for it.
  23. Are the Phenom IIs better than the FXs??? Are they better for overclocking???
  24. For overclocking no, for performance. Slightly better than the FXs.
  25. How high do think the clock could go with a decent cooler for the A8-3870k Llanos??? I'm really considering going with that.
  26. After looking online here...

    As you can see, we were able to overclock our sample to almost 3.63Ghz. This is a tiny bit worse than the 3.71GHz that we were able to achieve with our A8-3850, but nearly all these Llano processorss fall within the 3550-3800MHz range with mainstream cooling solutions. Voltage doesn't really help increase headroom all that much with Llano, and since this sample has a default voltage of 1.392V, the increase it to 1.50V really should not much effect on longetivity. The full load temperatures were 50C flat with our Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme and two 120mm 1600RPM 63.7CFM fans.

    AND HERE...

    Llano A8-3870K - FUN FUN FUN


    So I got my 3870k today. Threw it in my gigabyte a75-ud4 with some ddr3 2600

    With little to no work I was pushing 4ghz+ @ 1.5v vcore. Certainly was alot easier using the multis. Hit around 4.4-4.5ghz before I hit the heat wall. Which is around the same spot that the 3850's hit the thermal wall. 45x100blck on phase change.

    The downside to the gigabyte board is its got no software support for multipliers in the OS. I am believe the asus turbo-V allows for multiplier control. Other than that it was a certainly alot easier than bclk over clocking and without the drive controllers disappearing.

    I would say between 3.6-4.0 GHz. That's an educated guess...the overclock truly depends on your motherboard and your chipset AND your Ram...mileage will vary and the best I can say is the above range is probably close to what you can expect.. there are numerous areas that effect the ability to overclock a chip....bins for the chip meaning the best chips are cherry picked to provide the best results...usually aren't determined until there's been numerous production runs of the chip and then the chips are sold to consumers and for those who overclock...they will come back with what stepping of the chips overclock the best...

    Still ram type and speed, features of the motherboard in use and the way the motherboard is designed for standard users or the Asus ROG motherboards are specifically designed with overclocking as a prominent feature thereby providing better platforms to enhance the cpu chip, all are determining factors when attempting overclocking...some boards and chips work very well at stock, and some boards and cpu chips won't overclock hardly at all...each rig is different and will have it's own set of limitations...but that range of 3.6-4.0...probably is the range you can expect.

    Just follow the guides online for overclocking your motherboard and cpu combo and be careful....go in SMALL steps... .5 MHz at a time...or multiplier up .10 MHz at a time...just follow the guides and you will do just fine.

    One thing to remember...POWER...CLEAN, RELIABLE, DROOP FREE ESSENTIAL to an must have STABLE power being delivered when needed...your overclock will never work if you are experiencing Voltage applying a load!

    Good Luck and post back to let us know where you landed at for your final speed and settings!!

  27. Ummm I think 3.8 would be the highest on something like the Hyper 212+
    But you never know.
    I've seen 4GHZ but unaware of the cooling used. The A8-3870K would be a better bet than a FX-4170 in all honesty. Mainly because you can just use the IGPU built in and overclock that. It gets pretty decent performance at max.
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