120hz gaming or eyefinity?

I've decided to sell my gtx 570 for a 7950 and I was wondering should I get eyefinity or one 120hz monitor? I just want your guys opinions on which you prefer. I was thinking 120hz but tell me what you think! I already have 2 of the same monitors so id just have to buy one more for 130$ or I would sell them and get the benq x1 2410t for the led backlit and 120hz.
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  1. 120hz all the way, i couldn't stand the bezels :)
  2. Derbixrace said:
    120hz all the way, i couldn't stand the bezels :)

    My bezels are pretty thin about half an inch. do you think theyre still too big?
  3. kresge97 said:
    My bezels are pretty thin about half an inch. do you think theyre still too big?

    i don't know, i just don't like eyefinity/surround. i'd much rather have a 120hz screen or a 27" 2560x1440p monitor than eyefinity/surround.

    its just up to the person, if you think you will like eyefinity/surround more than a more fluid monitor or a monitor with high pixel density then go for it.
  4. 120hz Screen = Evolution
    Eyefinity = Revolution
  5. SkyWalker1726 said:
    120hz Screen = Evolution
    Eyefinity = Revolution

    Absolutely... LG has models out that have a bezel of 1/2 inch or less... and im sure so do others.

    There are also rumors of LG releasing a 120hz 27" screen with a bezel of about 1/16 inch or so, It was demo'ed at CES, but they have yet to announce a realase date for it.

    Wait a few months and see what comes about - when they do release it, it will be the best of both worlds.
  6. Hmmm...

    If I had to choose one I would go with 3 monitors for Eyefinity, but that means I would be pushing 3 1920x1200 resolution monitors.... so that means I would probably opt for the HD 7970 or wait for the $800 HD 7990. I prefer a single power card rather than deal with XFire (or SLI for nVidia).

    120Hz monitors all use TN panel technology something I don't like. I prefer monitors with H-IPS panel tech, but they do not support 120Hz.
  7. Son is using twin 560's on an Asus 120Hz TN monitor and it smokes his older brother's IPS 60Hz single 580 system away on visual appeal.

    I hope ya not expecting anything major outta the HFX upgrade.... will be hard to notice a 15% increase in fps.....ya'd get a 66% increase outta a 2nd 570.

    There os a 27" 120 Hz monitor on the market, but it's packaged with nVidia glasses.
  8. You will have a hard time playing current games in eyefinity with any better than medium graphic settings with a single 7950. Even the 7970 on high settings can't get any more than 35fps in bf3 in eyefinity. This is the most graphically intense game that I can think of so the quality will certainly depend on the game you are playing.
  9. I went with 30" 2560 x 1600 wow what a huge difference over my 26" 1920x1200. Do not hesitate...go full go 30" The thing I don't like about Eyefinity are the LCD frames...if there were no frames LCD than it would be been a different story.
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