Help Overclocking AMD Athlon II X4 635 2.9 GHz

So recently I got another 5770 and a new ASUS M5A97 motherboard for crossfire. I noticed I really don't get as much out of my games as I thought I would.

So I got MSI Afterburner and noticed that my cards were only using 30%-60% on some games. I have an SSD, I got a new, decent mother board, and I have a good 8GB of decent RAM. So my thoughts: I'm being bottlenecked by my processor.

I got the highly acclaimed Hyper 212 Plus from Coolermaster and noticed my CPU doesn't leave 41 on prime95 even with higher overclocks. Not a big deal. So I kept overclocking and started to blue screen. But why? Because I was raising the Front Side Bus and it could have easily been my RAM failing. After going into my BIOS there was an option to limit the speed of the RAM so it wouldn't be causing problems. But still, I blue screened.

So here is my problem. After reaching 3.4 GHz or so I am limited. FSB affects everything almost, so I was wondering, without a multiplier, is there a way to keep raising the FSB and lower everything else that's being affected and possibly causing problems? I feel like I could really ramp up my CPU, but my board just can't handle it.

So any solutions/suggestions/comments?

Thanks so much,
Ryan Shumaker
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  1. That's sort of what I was looking for and did help me a bit.
    But it would be nice if I could get the answer about the FSB. Are the only things it affects the processor, NB, and RAM (Things I can lower as I bring up the FSB to raise only the CPU) or is it affecting other things that might be causing failures?
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