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I'm recently upgraded to an i5 2400 on a msi h61 motherboard. Used most of my pc budget for the upgrade so I have to wait a month or so before I can get a decent gpu. Thought I'd use the integrated graphics in the meantime and play some older games.

While trying to run KOTOR 2 the configure tab threw out that the graphics memory was not enough, stating it needed at least 128vram. I right clicked on the desktop and opened the intel graphics options tab and under information saw that the maximum memory was 256mb. I tried setting this higher in the bios, but it was limited to 256 there aswell. Found the following on Intel's website:

"How much graphics memory does my computer have?
Intel® graphics do not have dedicated memory but utilizes some of the computer's system memory. The amount of memory used for graphics may be a fixed amount or may vary up to a maximum amount. It depends on if your computer manufacturer has configured your computer to use a fixed amount, a dynamic amount (varying up to a maximum amount), or a combination of both fixed and dynamic amounts of graphics memory." and:
"Maximum Graphics Memory**
2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD Graphics 3000/2000
(Paired with Intel® 6 Series Chipsets) Up to 1 GB on XP"

My question thus is: Is the graphics memory on the h61 mainboards limited or can they use the dynamic amount?
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  1. i guess you checked this link:
    it says that the max memory supported by the igpu in windows 7 is 1.7~ gb. memory allocation is dynamic.
    What is the Intel® Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT)?
    Intel® Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT) is a method for dynamically allocating system memory for use as graphics memory to balance 2D/3D graphics and system performance. If your computer is configured to use DVMT, graphics memory is allocated based on system requirements and application demands (up to the configured maximum amount). When memory is no longer needed by an application, the dynamically allocated portion of memory is returned to the operating system for other uses.

    you should check msi motherboard's support page if it has manual video memory setting.
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