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Video Card Help.

Hello, I recently purchased a refurbished Dell Optiplex 745 and I am trying to hook my TV up to it. It has only a VGA output and nothing else. I have purchased just about a shoebox full of y-adapters and splitters and none of them seem to be working. It seems as if I just need to find an expensive video card that I can install myself, It did not seem to hard to install it, I just do not know which one I should purchase for The Optiplex. Any suggestions or Direction would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
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  1. first open up the case and identify what type of expansion slots you have
    if its somewhat new it will be pci express
    with that you have to look at your power supply your system has, with this you will know what kind of graphic cards you can install in your system. Higher end cards require additional power connectors provided by the better psu's

    suggestion, take look at 7750. it takes no additional power so whatever power supply you have it should take it as long as you have a pcie slot avaible
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    dell optiplex come with with a pcie and pci slots not sure what kind of tv connction you want.
    you included the fact that you purchased a shoebox of y adapters and splitters so i asume that you want dual display, a pc monitor and a tv. if that is the case i would check out
    27 dollars
    29 dollars
    they do dual display and have vga -dvi and hdmi

    for a coax connection get a tv card
    these range from 20 $ to a few hundred depending on your needs
  3. What connection does your TV have?
  4. My TV only has s-vid and RCA inputs. My Presario laptop hooked up to it just fine, now I have purchased this desktop and I am having a fit with it! I have found a converter that will plug into the single vga on the desktop, but I kinda think it would be best to upgrade so I can have dual monitors versus having dual monitors displaying the same screen on both.
  5. On the video cards, don't I still need a converter that changes the VGA to composite video? Thanks for the help, I am trying not to get re-fustrated!
  6. What you are going to need is an adaptor of a sort where you plug your VGA into and then out put is S-video or RCA. Here is something that might work for you.
  7. It's quite simple in my mind.

    You need to buy a video card which has VGA and S-video output. You connect the monitor to the VGA with a VGA cable, you connect the TV to the S-video with a cable which has S-video connector at one end, and S-video (or RCA or whatever) on the other.

    Just like your laptop.

    After you connected both of them, you can decide, if you want to see the same desktop on them, or you want to see different desktops. You can handle this at the same place where you set the resolution of your monitor.

    Just like your laptop.

    (What you are trying to do now is to connect a TV and a monitor to the same single VGA connector on your computer (which might or might not be possible, I don't know), and you expect to see different screens on them. Is that right? That's not gonna work.)
  8. By the way...

    The video cards that The Great Randini suggested don't have S-video output.

    They have HDMI output, which is useful to connect the computer with a DIGITAL TV (which also has HDMI input).

    Watching movies on the analog TV was a little bit disappointing experience for me, because of the low resolution of the TV. It can do the equivalent of 640x480 or so, AFAIK. Most Youtube videos have better resolution than that.

    So if you have the money, you should really buy a nice digital TV with HDMI connector. But that's a whole other topic. (Just a hint: you can buy a digital TV, which has USB connectors, so there's no need for computer at all: you just connect your external hard drive, and it will play whatever media files you have on it. Always check those specifications...)
  9. get a 7750 OC +1
  10. Thanks my friends, you all were quite helpful! Gonna give it some thought-
  11. Here are a few cards that have S-video and VGA and DVI. The third link is to the page that has all the cards and if you go farther you start seeing boxes and adapters. It is worth looking at. I do wish you good luck.
  12. Thank You very much for your help!
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