Help buying new cpu and motherboard.

So i need a new motherboard and cpu. I have about $450 to spend. been looking at the some z77s around 130ish. and for the i5/i7 i need some convincing. From seeing all the posts? seems like my cpu will bottleneck on bf3. (bought it twice, going to buy a 3rd time)

what I have already is a:
asus crosshair IV
2x4gb @1600mhz gskill sniper
128 gb samsung 830
1tb WD caviar blk
corsair tx850v2 850w.
HIS 7970 iceq
noctua nh c12p hsf keep or use intel's if it has one?

i convert ogm files sometimes and also use photoshop cs6 extended once in a while but I like to open alot of tabs in chrome very often. an i5 3570k should be fine right? do i need hyper threading? or that extra 2mb l3 that the 3770 has? will it bottleneck on crossfire?

I hear that SB won't support pci gen 3 but i also hear pci gen 3 is really never fully used or if I crossfire its useless?. eventually I will be using eyefinity for 3 screens

so far the motherboards i like are the
m77a g45

asrock z77

So should i save that 100 and:

buy a modular psu. maybe upgrade to 1000/1200
the 850 is nice but the wires are killing me right now.

or buy a i73770 with a motherboard thats around the same price or even less.

also need a recommendation for a case. one that can fit the 7970 and has like something to hold it up so it won't warp if possible. otherwise im looking at the antec lanboy or thermaltake lvl 10 gt. to replace my antec 1200 v3 thats falling apart.

So if anyone could pass their opinion on this it's much appreciated. I don't believe i'm missing anything but if i am please tell me.

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  1. It'd be a COMPLETE waste of money. Buy another 7970.
  2. Im sorry i forgot to mention that the first pci lane on the asus IV has messed up pins which is why im thinking of upgrading.
  3. RMA the board.
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