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Hello, my name is Ken
I am running a ecs 848p-a rev 2.0 I changed my cpu from a p4 2.0 to a p4 3.0 and it just keep rebooting but when i over clock my 2.0 to a 3.0 it is fine i do not understand what i am doing wrong can someone please help me. thanks
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  1. Can you list the name of the heatSink your using? and whats the Temps @ 3.0
  2. what version of the bios are you on? From just a little digging it seems you need 212H to run the 3.0 I'm assuming hyperthreaded cpu. Your 2.0 wouldnt be HT enabled. I'll bet that the cause of your reboots.
  3. Hey all my cpu temp is running around 111 to113 drgess F that's the 2.0 overclocked to 3.0, The p4 3.0 is running about 116 drgess F, My bios is 2.2h i even tryed disabling HT on the 3.0. I am running 1 gig of ram, the heat sink is more than big enough to run the cpu. But this thing even when cold do the reboot right from the start. i am starting to lean on something is wrong with the cpu, what do you guys think?
  4. Hey all This is an update on my problem with the 3.0 proceesor i was trying to install. i finnaly got to reflash the bios on my board and so far it is working, can some one tell me what the max temp on a p4 3.0 processor is? thanks.
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    Like 110c.
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  7. Thanks for the info But i think it finaly ive out it went back to not seein my drives again i put in a celron 2.2 ad it it running fine. thanks for all the info.
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