Radeon 5870 isn't displaying HDTV Quality Properly

First of all, some info about the rig;

- Asus Rampge Extreme II Mobo
- 650W PSU
- ATI Radeon 5870 HD GFX Card
- Intel i7 920

And the monitor I am using is a samsung P2470HD.

I am trying to use the HDMI output of the graphics card into the TV, however when I set the resoluton to 1920x1080, the picture becomes horribly distort, there is a 1inch border on all four sides of the screen and it generally looks a mess!

However if I take the resolution down to 1680x1050 it is fine. It also breaks when I set the resolution to 1776x1000.

Any help would be appreciated! I have already tried the obvious, turn it on & off, re-install drivers etc etc.
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  1. Set your display to 1920x1080

    Right click on your desktop - select catalyst control center.

    Now go to GPU scaling and raise the slider bar until there are no black borders. You have to do that for each resolution that is not displaying the whole screen.
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