Graphics Card not showing HDTV Properly

First of all, some info about the rig;

- Asus Rampge Extreme II Mobo
- 650W PSU
- ATI Radeon 5870 HD GFX Card
- Intel i7 920

And the monitor I am using is a samsung P2470HD.

I am trying to use the HDMI output of the graphics card into the TV, however when I set the resoluton to 1920x1080, the picture becomes horribly distort, there is a 1inch border on all four sides of the screen and it generally looks a mess!

However if I take the resolution down to 1680x1050 it is fine. It also breaks when I set the resolution to 1776x1000.

Any help would be appreciated! I have already tried the obvious, turn it on & off, re-install drivers etc etc.
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  1. try setting ur TV to "PC Mode" on that particular HDMI port
    if that doesn't work for u , then try adding 1080p from the Catalyst AMD Program
    in "My Digital Flat Panel" => HDTV Support and try adding custom HDTV resolution
  2. ( or in aspect ratio in the TV screen options , try to set it to "SCAN MODE" )

    :D why can't i edit my posts :D
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