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I recently purchased an AMD Phenom II X4 850 3.3ghz (95W Edition) CPU for my M2N68-LA Narra3 motherboard. I heard about some people having luck with other phenom II's like the 945, 840, etc. and thought I might be able to run this one on my board since my board can take 95W. My computer was working fine this morning before the CPU change and after I installed the CPU it wouldn't even boot into the bios. The LED lights in the front just stay on, and the Case and CPU fans stay on for 5 seconds then shut off, with the exception of the PSU Fan. The pins are NOT bent, I have tried booting with just the motherboard and the CPU, and with one stick of RAM. No go. I have been at it all day and can't fix it at the moment. Can someone PLEASE help?!!!
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  1. It may be that the PHIIX4 850 needs a newer BIOS version to be recognized. But you will have to flash the new BIOS with the old CPU in place.
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