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I am planning to build my girlfriend a new computer and need some help deciding between graphics cards. I was wondering how good the pny 560 ti OC is vs other models.


I have a twin frozr II in my own pc but I happen to work at bestbuy and the price i get isn't half bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Is PNY the only brand that you can get at Best Buy? It's not a bad brand and has been around for a long time. They don't spice up thier cards like some of the other vendors but it's still a 560Ti and will give you the same performance as a stock card from any other vendor.
    This card might cost you a little less and is a very good card vendor , they give thier cards a limited lifetime warranty.

  2. The PNY cards are perfectly fine for a run of the mill reference design solution, and they're certainly a good deal too (at least online). They also carry the benefit of having a lifetime warranty if registered with PNY. I ran a 560 Ti OC (850MHz) and and OC2 (900MHz) for quite a while that never let me down. If you want a no frills basic reliable card this is the way to go.

    The next step up would be the EVGA cards which Best Buy also sells, I'd pass on the Nvidia branded cards as they're just flat out overpriced.

    EDIT: You link is dead, but if you can wait PNY GTX 560 TI's are available online for $200 or so. Also, if you can't wait, I'd get the EVGA card for the same price, better customer service and they much more forgiving with their warranties. PNY requires you still have teh package to turn in a warranty claim (which makes zero sense at all).
  3. All of the reference ones are LOUD as F*** though. My Gigabyte 560 is a lot quieter than the PNY one I just installed.

    I notice the PNY one at 60% fan speed, I don't notice the Gigabyte until 70% fan speed.
  4. EVGA > PNY from personal experience with PNY.
  5. 1. I'd get a factory overclocked model as they most often come with beefed up VRM's and larger coolers.....and at almost the same price as the reference cards.

    2. Some models are factory OC'd to 900Mhz but do NOT have beefed up VRM's. If you plan to overclock, I would not get any of the models with reference VRM's.

    3. The EVGA model at Best Buy (Model: 02G-P3-2089-KB - SKU: 4699668) is 900Mhz but has the reference 4 phase VRM.....$270. If ya discount is bigger than $60, I'd consider it if not overclocking.....but I'd be wary about OC'ing it much more than the factory OC.....it's only $210 at newegg.

    4. The Gigabyte model here is $205 (+$8 shipping) and has a 7 phase VRM.

    5. The Asus model here is $230 (+$8 shipping) and has a 7 phase VRM

    This is the one I use as it OC's "like the diggins" (as high as 1070 .... but I generally set conservatively at 1020 Hz)


    6. The MSI Hawk model has a non reference beefy VRM and is $275 at best Buy
    and also $230 at newegg ... . factory OC'd to 950 Hz
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