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Hey guys, I am going to be doing my first PC build ever and have a parts list together. It is basically a 530$ gaming computer. I am going to use it with my Dell Dimension 4700 monitor I already have, and am going to mostly be using it for a game called MX Simulator, adobe photoshop, the internet, and maybe some movie making. I just want your guys' opinions on how you think these components will work together, and how the PC will perform. The parts:
Video Card:
Hard Drive:
Disk Drive:
Power Supply:
I appreciate the help in advance and hopefully I don't mess up assembling it!
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    I think that this system wouldnt be terrible. But I would strongly urge you to consider a Phenom II 965 for 25 dollars more for the CPU. Essentially, you're getting double the processor for that much more. The Callisto Phenom II is only 2 cores, the 965 Deneb is 4. The 2 extra cores will make a big difference in your photoshopping, as well as multitasking and SOME games.

    The RAM is a little low, 8GB is ideal for a modern system, but you can add more later. The power supply is very cheaply made, generic no-name brand.

    This is a better one for a super tight budget, and its only 5 bucks more:

    Ideally however, if you can find a way to work this power supply in the budget, it would be a better idea:

    This is a much better hard drive at the same price:

    The case is a decent choice. With my suggestions, you would end up with a pretty respectable gamer, and not really break your budget too terribly.

    I would reconsider going up on the RAM a little bit, you can get an 8GB kit of the same brand for 48 bucks.

    But if the CPU upgrade puts you too much over the top like I said you can add more later. But I will tell you in Windows7 its pretty easy to max out 4GB. When this happens your system will start using the hard drive's "virtual memory" which will slow performance down.

    Do make sure you have Windows7. OR at the very least Vista. XP will severely limit your performance. You will still be under 600 bucks, which for a modern gaming system, isn't bad at all. Although Windows7 64-bit OEM runs about 100 bucks.
  2. Thanks for all the info! I think I'm going to have to go with the processor you showed me, the Antec PSU, and the hard drive. I think I'm going to add another 4gigs of RAM later on though because I'm kind of on a budget right now. Also, I was already planning to get windows 7 because MX Simulator has major problems with Vista for some reason.
    Thanks a lot,
  3. Everything has problems with Windows Vista. It was a miserable op system, but even for all of that it doesn't have some of the limitations XP has for a modern system. I mentioned it only because I have seen some guys on tight budgets think they will keep using XP. XP was great, but its usefulness is gone.
  4. I completely agree, my brother's desktop has vista it and it seemed to have more problems than XP ever has for me, but that's why Windows 7 is basically the way to go. I honestly don't mind paying another 100$ for something I know will work great and won't become outdated too soon.
    edit: I forgot to ask, will my system support 64 bit windows 7? I'm really new to PC's so I wasn't sure.
  5. Yes, it will support Windows7 64 bit, and that is absolutely the one you want.. Thats why I suggested not using XP in the first place, they are 32 bit, and while there is a 64 bit version, its glitchy as hell, and likewise discontinued.

    BTW, you should be aware that Windows8 is set to be coming out there year, but Microsoft will continue support for 7 until 2015, and possibly even beyond that. So theres no reason to run out and buy 8.
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