Very feint static noise.

Hey guys,

I recently bought (2 days ago) a Corsair HX750W and the first time I turned it on I heard an odd staticky noise. Now I should note that this sound is incredibly feint. If the tower is sitting at my feet (PSU at the bottom), I cannot hear it from a sitting position. I checked for sparks since it sounded like an electrical thing and did not see any. I also listened to 'coil whine' online and it's more stacking and definitely does not have the very loud noise that comes after the staticky sound. I am not sure if I should just RMA the PSU or not since I already have to RMA my HDD (it occasionally utters a single loud click sound). I'm thinking I'm going to RMA just for piece of mind.

Thanks for any info,

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  1. I should mention this noise does NOT disappear even when the computer OR THE PSU is turned off. If there's a power cable attached you can hear the static.
  2. It seems to disappear ~30 mins into comp usage. Well not 'disappear' more like 'become even more quiet'
  3. Bump has anyone seen this?
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