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Nzxt blackline vs bitfenix survivor

Currently using a nzxt lexa blackline. It is good in almost all aspects except for cable management which really really suck. Also the small space between the graphics card and drive bay bugs me, the wires fit but it's a very tight fight just a minor problem though.

Recently a bitfenix survivor may be available which is on sale. It has some additional features that I like, removable drive bays, cable management but I read the reviews and they say the air flow / cooling isn't as good.

So my question is: In your opinions, is better than the lexa blackline or am I better off sticking to the nzxt and just getting some wire sleeves and a modular PSU?

Thanks in advance!
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    buy a T28 case or an aerocool strike x, both have good air flow and both are quite cheap, they also look awesome
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