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Hello Everyone,

I decided to buy a new Graphics Card and after a long debate between the Radeon 6970 and the GTX 570, i chose the second one. Mainly because i won't be playing in more than one monitor and the resolution will be 1920x1080.

I should be able to max out (My CPU is an i5-2500k) most games like The Witcher 2, Skyrim, etc, right?

Also, do you think it is a good time to buy? Are there going to be any significant changes in the market?
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  1. Hmm... Most games should be fine to play since my friend uses a 5850 and can play games with great quality. a gtx 570 should run the games you want at max or near max quality.

    As for your second question, I check the market on cards occasionally and I doubt any major changes will be occurring any time soon. The 7770 will be dropping in soon, but I doubt that will make a change.

    Personally, I would go with Radeon (personal issues with Nvidia), but it's your computer so do as you want. Both are great cards and I would recommend either one. Have fun playing games at high quality! :)
  2. Well it depends on your definition of soon. Any changes in the next couple weeks? Probably not, but Nvidia's new series is suppose to be coming out in the next couple months, or at least announced, which will totally alter the graphics card landscape as we know it today.
  3. I appreciate , you were both very helpful.
  4. It just so happens there is a significant change in the market coming in mid-March (about 3 weeks), so now is actually NOT a good time to buy a new card. Best to wait to see how things shape up with the new GTX 600 Kepler cards and if they will result in lower prices on the GTX 570.

    The GTX 670 Ti is rumored to be released shortly after March 11th.
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