Stuck multiplier on Intel socket 775 Q9550

Hello, Ihave a Q9550 CPU (rated 2.83 GHz) that I can't get to run at stock speed because, while I can set the ratio to 8.5 the actual ratio (reported by BIOS and confirmed by CPU-Z is 6.0. I've been told it's Intel Speedstep or Windows thottelling the CPU,but I"ve disabled all of that stuff and no luck. The BIOS says the set and actual values will vary, but only if a invalid value is entered. Anybody got a clue?

MotherBoard: Asus Maximus II Formula
Corsair 800W PSU
Corsair H60 ligiud cooling
4 GB Corsair Dominator DDR2-1066 MHz C5 Ram
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  1. Have you tried stressing the CPU to see if the multiplier raises? I know it may sound simple, but you may not notice it if you are just browsing. I would download something like Prime95, start up the test, and check CPU-Z to see the speed. If you have already done all this, you can set the CPU ratio to 8.5, and turn off C1E and speedstep. If you are still experiencing issues, I would set the CPU ratio to AUTO, enable C1E and speedstep, and see if the CPU fluctuates between 6.0-8.5 during idle/stress.

    I had this chip on a ASUS P5Q, and was able to lock the ratio at 8.5 using a manual ratio value, and disabling speedstep, and C1E. If you are not having any luck with that configuration, I am not sure what else to try.

    Good Luck!
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