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Guys I have searched numerous posts and threads all day but still cant find an answer and maybe I am just doing something wrong. I recently upgraded to a Radeon HD 6950 2GB ICE Q x Turbo and bought 2 more 24" monitors to run eyefinity. I currently have eyefinity set up to run all 3 at 5760x1920 and it is amazing. I mainly play WoW and have everything turned to ultra. I know a single GPU wont be enough for more intense games so I want to be prepared for going extended mode to play games like BF3 and Skyrim on a single display (idk if i could run them in eyefinity at all?) with maybe a web page and itunes open on the other screens.

I set up eyefinity perfectly the way I wanted it and saved it as a preset. I then went back in to the AMD Vision Center and set up an extended display and saved that 1. When I went to switch back to eyefinity nothing happened, forcing me to do this over and over again. after awhile of reconfiguring eyefinity and WoW i just gave up and left it in eyefinity mode. Am i doing something wrong? im on the latest 12.1 drivers I believe. I didnt set up hotkeys, would that matter? I planned on just going in to the CC.
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  1. Ok so first try BF3 and Skyrim in eyefinity. Turn down settings until you get playable frames. If that doesn't work for you then set the resolution in the GAME to whatever one of your single monitors is. You can do that in WoW to try it. The game will then be cloned on all three screens. Shut off the right and left screen, crank your settings up and enjoy on a single monitor. Works for any game that allows you to set the resolution. No need to turn off eyefinity or setup separate desktop profiles.

    If you aren't using them already there are various mods for WoW that make the WoW eyefinity experience even better. Bartender and MoveAnything come to mind for better placement of action bars and UI windows, maps and all that.

    Edit: Just saw that you wanted other windows open sry for not fully reading your post. You could run the game in windowed mode... but that is usually at a performance hit. I had the same issue as you when I tried to setup desktop profiles.

    Eventually I just gave up trying to switch profiles (it wasn't working for me either), added my HDTV as a 4th monitor (independent of the eyefinity group) and use that if I want to display additional content while I'm gaming in fullscreen. Any clicking on the 4th monitor (which looks like a second desktop) minimizes the game I'm playing. So while I can still have windows displayed on it, I can't interact with it without the game minimizing. Not sure if there is a way around that.
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