Random Pc Beep.

A few months ago my pc started beeping. This is just a random beep. It beeps just when ever it wants. Usually noticed it when the room was quiet and i am just browsing the web. At the time I had two internal drives and one external one,

Now within the last week, I have replaced the computer. Originally I cannibalized parts from the old one, but now all that remains from the old system is the external drive which I now have installed into the new pc as the main drive. Anyways the beep has not gone away. (This reminds me of a watch i had that had an alarm set on it for 9:15 am, that S.O.B. went off for six years some where in my house until one day I found it buried in a box on a top shelf in a hall closet.) now it starting all over again.

Anyway, is it possible that the hard drive is the culprit?

Seagate Barracuda ST3500418AS
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  1. Did you transfer the Operating system & software from the old PC to new one ? Or did you do a fresh OS install on the new PC ?

    Is the beep from the MB speaker (BIOS stuff) or from the PC speaker (software sound driver, windows sounds, etc.)? BIOS seems unlikely since you are on new MB.

    If from the PC sound card then go into windows sounds (type sound in search box or via control panel) and change the default sounds to 'no sounds; in the sound tab. If the sound goes away then it was just windows trying to get your attention -- could be spam arriving in your mail folder, etc.

    No, doubt it's your external disk drive. More likely is software that was on old PC and new one.
  2. Complete wipe and reinstall, like I said the only common element was the disk drive.
  3. cool. did playing with windows sounds make the beep go away?
  4. i went into the device manager and clicked show hidden devices an there is one called beep. turned that one off(disable it at start up. Still freakin beeps.
  5. I have been paying more attention when the beeping starts, it seems to happen the most when I am on the Internet using Firefox.
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