Airflow overload?

Hey question I have a coolermaster xm med tower with full slots of 200mm megaflow fans. One intake front, one intake side, two top exhaust and a 140mm rear exhaust. I have no serious issues with my stock i5 3570k or gtx 560. I5 idle like 29c with hyper 212+ and gpu like 32. Load like 37 on i5 and maybe 58 on the 560. My question being could the nearest to the front 200mm exhaust be sucking out useful cool air? After hours of d3 no serious hot air exhaust out of any vents warmer than expected. I just don't want too much exhaust pulled if not needing and hurting the potential cooler flow coming in. Again I have no issues with any heat at all but am just curious as to when it comes time to unleash the beast and overclock the i5 and 560gtx.

Any input is appreciated,
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  1. i would doubt it, i've got 2 140MM fans in my roof without issues
  2. +1, it may affect the airflow pulling it towards the graphics cards, but thats a good thing
  3. Your setup is fine , enjoy your computer!
  4. your cooling should be fine. ive got 3 120mm front intake fans then a 120mm side intake fan then two rear 120mm exhaust fans and two 149mm top exhaust fans and i have no problem with cooling. and if you were wondering i have the antec dark fleet DF-85 full tower case
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