Need advice for CPU in Photo/Video editing computer.

I am building a new computer and I am stuck on what CPU I should get. I will be doing work in Adobe Photoshop and Sony Vegas. I photo and video capture/edit/render as a hobby and not a professional. I would like the most bang for my buck. I am stuck deciding between the i5 3570k or the i7 3770k. I know the i7 has hyperthreading while the i5 doesn't. Will I notice much difference between the two to really justify spending the extra $100 on the 3770k?
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  1. if you plan to capture with somthing like FRAPS, i would get a 2500K, and buy a SSD for recording
  2. For both Sony Vegas and Photoshop, you will see a performance increase by getting a i7 due to the Hyper Threading. A 2600K/2700K or 3770K is a good safe better.
  3. For video editing - the more cores the better. Can you afford the six core i7-3930k?
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