New build important question?!

So as many of you know.. I've been posting a lot of posts on my new build and I apologize! I just had a couple last questions before I purchase on Monday! First:

I like cases that look nice, would getting a big case affect airflow if there is a lot of room inside? and which cases do you guys prefer? I want 3.0 USB slots and up to 3 fans if possible. I'm looking at the HAF the $130 one with 4 fans.


I am planning to buy dual monitors, I am getting a 7850 hd oc graphics card with a i52500k CPU. Would I be able to us any 24 inch led monitor ? which monitors do you guys prefer?
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  1. If you want a case that looks nice, look at something else. The HAF is quite possibly one of the ugliest and cheesiest looking cases I've ever seen.

    Look at the Corsair Carbide series, Graphite series and Obsidian series. Even the Antec 1200 looks better than the HAF.

    I question the need for such a big case unless your running 3-4 video cards and 10 hard drives, otherwise it's just a waste of money and space. I'm sure the Antec 300 would more than satisfy your needs at $50. Maybe even the CM690 II.
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