CPU Freezes with short buzzing noises coming from speakers

Hi everyone! I need some help diagnosing what seems to be happening with my PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this isn't the right section for this, just let me know and I will re-post it in the proper one.

Firstly, here are my specs:

AMD Phenom II X2 555 (unlocked to X4 B55; overclocked to 3.6 GHz)
Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H
ATi Radeon HD5770 (stock)
2 x 4 GB DDR3 1333
1 TB Samsung Spinpoint HDD
2 TB Samsung Spinpoint HDD
Antec VP450P PSU
Coolermaster Hyper 212+
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Here is what's been happening:

About 5 weeks ago, my PC started freezing randomly. I haven't been gaming or anything, it just freezes - accompanied by short static-sounding sounds from the speakers. The thing would just freeze, disabling any sort of keyboard and mouse interaction. The only thing that would work is by hard resetting it. I am certain that my PC is not overheating, as temps have always been around (37-40 deg. C - I live in a hot area)

Also one thing I've noticed is that sometimes when the computer freezes and I would reset it, the BIOS resets the processor back to its dual-core mode, and sometimes it doesn't.

Lastly, when I replaced the power supply with the Antec one, the computer ran flawlessly without freezing for about two weeks, and only about two days ago did it start freezing again. It seems to be progressive, i.e. it would freeze about once in 5 hours, then more frequently after that, till it gets to the point when it starts freezing at the startup screen. Sometimes it wouldn't even start up.

Here are the things I have already tried:

- updated graphics and sound drivers
- fresh install of Windows
- replaced the power supply (my old one was a 500W FSP Epsilon)
- tested both RAM sticks with memtest86 and also tried all slots
- checked HDDs with HDTune
- tried using the onboard video (this one posed some problems - sometimes it would boot up fine, other times it wouldn't display anything)
- reseated the CPU and graphics card
- cleaned the CPU cooler and re-applied thermal paste
- turned off ACC and reset everything to stock settings (dual-core at stock speed)

Again, any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
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  1. lower your OC.
  2. crisan_tiberiu said:
    lower your OC.

    Thanks for the reply! Right now, I have everything at stock. I have tried lowering the OC before and also setting everything back to auto to no avail. It would still freeze.
  3. So it happened again after 2 days without incident. I was just browsing the net. Same as before - short buzz from speakers then my PC froze up again. I had ACC off and clock speeds set to auto, all stock settings. Anybody have any suggestions?
  4. Stress Test your RAM, CPU and GPU and test your hard drive.
  5. I ran prime95 blend tests a couple of times and both times my PC froze after an hour or so. Any more suggestions guys?
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