Evga 9800gt Akimbo in a Compaq Presario

I want to buy a new graphics card off amazon (EVGA 9800gt Akimbo) for my Compaq Presario and this is my first time upgrading my computer so I would like to know if this would work. Here is a link to my computer specs below and please respond fast. Thank you!

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  1. 250w power supply? hmm let me think, no.
  2. You would have to upgrade the power supply.

    What is your budget? If it allows, you could possibly go with a Radeon 5670 or 6670, which will give you 9800GT performance.

    If the budget allows, go for one of the Radeon 7750 cards.
  3. Why would you buy this card for a compaq given the age of the card? Just get a cheap ATI/AMD card that will run on the stock psu without any worry or concern about having to upgrade that as well.
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