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6950 + hdtv no picture

I've tried using both the hdmi port and mini display using a minidisplay->hdmi adapter. With both of those I get a flickering black and purple screen like it's trying to work. I'd try it with a dvi but my tv doesnt have one. Any thoughts?
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  1. Update drivers? go check the setting of the HDMI for the drivers

    I had to install HDMI drivers (included in the AMD driver pack) for mine to work right.

    I am running dual 6950 2gb. My HDMI works great after update drivers and mess with config a bit.
  2. CCC says all my drivers are up to date.
  3. when you plug in the HDMI cable does your comp give you the option to turn on/off the TV?
  4. When I plug in the hdmi cable my monitor(hooked up with dvi) loses connection, so I cant see anything or check any settings. I've tried without the monitor plugged in, I get the same flashing screen on the tv. The only time I get any picture is with only the monitor plugged in.
  5. change the resolution on your monitor to 1080 or less. maybe, (note sure on this one) the cable is putting out something that your tv cannot handle?
  6. Changed resolution, no luck. The tv can handle full 1080p.

    Side note. Pretty sure this is the last amd product I'll buy. Wish I could return it.
  7. what's your monitor and TV refresh rate? also can you connect your monitor by HDMI?
  8. rshillshooter81 said:

    No clue about HDPC. Dont see it in the specs

    Anonymous said:
    what's your monitor and TV refresh rate? also can you connect your monitor by HDMI?

    Both TV and monitor are 60Hz. And no it's an old monitor. Only DVI and VGA. I've hooked up the tv to a dvd player to test the hdmi cable and tv ports if that's where you're going...
  9. what tv is it please, the model#
  10. L40FHDF12TA
  11. this you?

    I read of other people having the same issue with other video cards.
  12. No not me. Gonna try to use a friends tv and see if that's the issue.
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    HDCP compliance shouldn't be an issue when just trying to connect a computer to an HDTV.

    @ thenumberwun - The issue you're having sounds to be a resolution, refresh rate issue. Your HDTV just cannot accept the output of your graphics card at it's current setting. I've had a similar issue with my HD4670 and my Olevia 232T 720p HDTV.

    Here's a couple things you can try.

    1) With only the HDTV connected via HDMI, try to boot your system into safe mode. If you're not getting an image at all during the boot process, this probably won't work. If you are able to get into safe mode, shut your system down, reconnect your monitor via DVI and reboot, once again, into safe mode.

    Set up your displays in Extended mode and set the monitor as the primary display. Also, in Catalyst Control Center, under preferences (top right), set up a hot-key toggle to swap displays. Save it, shut down and restart your computer; this time, allowing it to boot normally.

    You should now have your desktop on your monitor and the HDTV flashing purple/black as you previously described. Open Catalyst Control Center and run through the various resolutions on the HDTV until you find the best one to suit your purposes.

    If that doesn't work then...

    2) With only the monitor connected (via DVI), go into Catalyst Control Center (or whatever it's called now) and under preferences (top right), try to set up a hot-key to swap displays. Not sure this works with only one monitor connected.

    Shut down your system and reconnect the HDTV via HDMI and restart. Since you can't see the desktop at this point, give your system time to boot up. If you need to log in, do so. Then use the hot-key toggle to swap displays.

    This should give you the desktop on your monitor and allow you to adjust the resolution on your HDTV.

    Hope this helps.

    -Wolf sends
  14. thenumberwun said:
    No not me. Gonna try to use a friends tv and see if that's the issue.

    let us know what happens with your friends TV please.
  15. Fixed!

    I used Wolfshadws 2nd method. Couldnt do the first one because CCC drivers wernt loaded in safe mode.

    Many thanks to everyone that gave advise and very quick replies. These forums are amazing. Probably saved me a few hundred dollars in hardware repairs due to wall contact.
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  17. way to go!
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