[CPUs] Is my CPU dead?

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My computer won't boot. Yesterday I was playing LoL then my computer force shutdown.I thought it's BIOS problem so I just keep resetting the BIOS. I google and most results are CPU/MOBO dead. Is my CPU really dead?
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  1. can your PC on ?? or leave it at Bios wait 10minues .. if reboot by self your mobo failure
  2. Could be the PSU too.
  3. Computer can't boot. On for half a second and closes afterwards.

    Swap with another PSU and tried. It didn't work.
  4. try the cpu in another mobo, if it doesnt boot, its the cpu
  5. unplug power electric from PSU , remove battery mobo ... let's 15minutes and put it again .. try on
  6. Hi :)

    If you are getting into the Bios ..its NOT the cpu....

    All the best Brett :)
  7. I only have one mobo and one cpu.

    Tried but it won't boot.

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  8. Since OP has already tried PSU swap, it seems unlikely it would be the PSU but just to be sure, if the motherboard/CPU has IGP, I would try removing the GPU and see if the PC can boot on IGP. If it boots, it is either a GPU or load problem with the PSUs. If it still fails to boot then it likely is a motherboard or CPU issue.
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