My computer shuts down itself and shows that blue screen

Hello! this is Rathana Kumar, my computer shuts down itself and shows that blue screen with some words that i cant read as it restarts immediately. when it restarts i must choose a category between normal start, safe mode, etc....., i choose normal start, and it opens normally but when i am surfin on the net after a few minutes it happens again. please anyone help me as soon as possible. i would appreciate that. i have got windows xp sp3 32-bit, intel pentium dual core, E2140, 1.60 GHz, 1 GB ram . thank u ("_") any one tell me what kind of problem accuring? how to resolve it?
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  1. Hi

    It would help if you could report the BSOD error message

    To stop the PC rebooting after BSOD go to Control panel / System Properties / Advanced / Startup & Recovery
    and untick Automatic Restart

    Also The Event Logs may give you some indication of the problem

    Mike Barnes
  2. I would start up opening the side of the pc and see if the cpu fan or gpu fan is dust bound and the system is over heating. most times it a heat or power issue with blue screens. if all the fans are moving and the cpu and gpu temps are fine. use a program like hardware monitor to watch your power supply voltage. use a bootable cd or usb stick and run memtest to see if any of your ram went bad.
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