PC crash think it might be hard drive related.

Hi all,

So my PC is fairly new (about 2 months) and built it myself. I was using the PC and was working fine until I unplugged and re-plugged the Ethernet cable because internet wasn't working (I am not sure if this was related or just coincidence and I have been having internet connection problems lately but I don't know how that can contribute to Hard disk failure) and then some error message appeared which I didn't have chance to read and the screen went black. I had to restart and I ended up being stuck in bios part. I could not boot my hard drive and even tried it on another computer and it didn't seem to work.

So everything being fairly new does anyone know what would have caused my hard drive to crash like this? Could it have been caused by something else? I just want to see whether it was something I did to the hard drive or if it was the hard drive itself defective in some way. (I always handled it carefully).

Possibly related Specs -

Hard drive: Seagate Barracuda 1 TB
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z68P
Power supply: XFX pro 750W
CPU: Core i3
1 stick RAM 4GB
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  1. Hi

    Have you tried opening your hard drive from another pc using an external case? The reason why it might not be able to boot up as a primary HD on a different pc is because the drivers installed on your hard drive do not match the hardware on the other pc.

    Hope this helps!
  2. Not sure, I do not have external case and never used one. Would I need a specific cable? Also I do not have another pc were I can attach the hard drive externally.

    Would attaching it as a second internal hard drive be the same?
  3. Oh and I forgot to add in first post that before when using the PC I would hear a single click sound which I think would come from the hard drive. It was only occasional and I thought it was normal, or was that early signs of a defective hard drive?
  4. Well as long as the HD is not set as your primary one, you should be able to gain access to it. If not, then the reason for crashing is your HD.
    The reason why you need an external case is because it allows you to convert the sata connection to usb, thus allowing you to connect your HD externally.
    If you attach it as a secondary hard drive, you will need to have a primary HD as well which you will use in order to boot your pc!

    P.S. The click sound can be indeed a signal of defectiveness.

    Hope this helps!
  5. The best thing to do if you don't want to throw away any money, is contact seagate straight away. They should be able to give a clear answer.

    Here is a link with seagate's online chat:

  6. If its clicking its probly dead
  7. Ok thanks, I will try to access it as a secondary hard drive (I do have other working hard drives). I still have warranty from the store but I will see what seagate support will say.

    Also the hard drive isn't making clicking sounds it just used to do ONE single click once in a while.
  8. Hi again, so I tried attaching it as a second hard drive on another pc but then it couldn't see either of the hard drives for some reason. The other good hard drive does work normally and is detected/booted when no other HD are attached...

    I even entered the bios setup and it could not find any hard drives saying "not detected" in their respective ports.
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