Shutting down sound when playing games

I have a problem with my PC... It happens when i play graphically demanding games,such as Skyrim,Batman:Arkham City,Bad Company 2... I start playing and after couple of minutes i hear a shutting down sound and my PC freezes... Sometimes i can start Task Manager and exit a game,but sometimes it happens that I can't do that and i have to restart my PC... I was thinking it could be overheating problem,but i would also like to know what makes that sound,is it HDD,CPU,or even Motherboard... And i forgot to mention that when i play low demanding games,for example Football Manager 2012 it just plays normal,no shutting down sound,nothing...

My PC specs:
GeForce 6100SM-M2
MSI Radeon HD4850 1GB
WD 250GB
AMD 5200+

P.S. I really had no clue in which category to put this..
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  1. which windows operating system are you running?
    You can check the event log to find out why windows shut down usually.
  2. I am running Windows 7 32bit... Can you explain me how to check event log?
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