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Hey guys, so I have a problem with my internet. It recently has slowed down since last week and i'm getting sick and tired of this! I'ts horrible! I can't even load a webpage most of the time! I used to be able to load an HD video on youtube with no stops or stutters now I have to wait an eternity until I can watch the whole thing.

I've called Verizon tech support and he tested the line which came out to 15mbps so nothing is wrong with my internet service. also gave me the same speed. A friend told me it could be my router which is fairly brand new. What could it be?
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  1. Yes Problem lays in the router/modem, reconfigure the isp configuration, write down current setting and reset to factory default setting again reconfigure with help of isp/written down. or upgrade the modem firmware.

    first know the modem make and model.
  2. I have to disagree....

    If is saying your speeds are fine, and you are going through the normal set up... But you are having problems with streaming, its probably not the router.

    Personally it sounds like you might need to do some basic PC clean up... Try a few programs and post up how it runs after... download/install: CCleaner and malwarebytes.

    ccleaner: run the "Cleaner" utility, after that run the Registry tool.
    Then Run "Disk Cleanup". After all that Defrag your HDD.... reboot...

    How is streaming now?

    **Not saying it is not the router yet... First rule out all the other possibilities.***
  3. Try clearing your browsers cache as well. I agree that it isn't likely to be a router problem, however, you should also check to see what changes you have made to the computer since the slow down. Once I installed a piece of software on my computer that once I removed everything went back to normal.
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