Using parts of old PC in new

Im going about the process of buying a new PC but have been thinking that i could save some money by using parts of the old one. Ive taken out a few parts and was wondering if a cd drive ( NEC nd-4551a ) would work and if it would be ok. Also a Godspeed Computer GS-2004-CR18801 11in1 CARD READER would be OK to put in.

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  1. NEC nd-4551a is a IDE and not sata.. Your new motherboard will not have an IDE.
    Card reader will be ok
  2. adapters can be purchased to use ide on a sata motherbd but a new dvd burner is only like $5 more making it pointless.
  3. Hi :)

    Some motherboards still have one IDE connector....

    All the best Brett :)
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