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i got a i3 2100 and i want to know if it would be worth it 2 upgrade.. 2 i5-3470 i checked Google but im so lost lol
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  1. I would say no - what is your mobo. If it supports OCing - get a K suffix cpu.
  2. hmm i don't really no much bout OCing could u suggest a cpu for.....250 or less..
    mobo is GIGABYTE GA-B75M-D3H,,,lol
  3. i would suggets u to change ur machine if u bale increase ur budget uget a good processor i suggets fx 8150 at 174 $ and rest of it grab a asus 970 mobo at 95 overall
    they are the best choice here check the reviews of fx 8150 easily beats intel xenon
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