Compaq B3800 (B3000 series) Service Manual to locate CMOS Battery


I'm trying to locate a service manual/schematic for the Compaq B3000 series notebook. Needing to replace CMOS battery but I can't locate it in any of the compartments on the underside of the unit and hesitate to dismantle the laptop without knowing how to disassemble correctly if need be.

Date/Time errors with random BSOD showing system CMOS checksum bad message. Hoping it's the CMOS battery first and nothing more serious.

The model is a Compaq/HP B3800 notebook I believe was released only for the Asia/Pacific market. HP/Compaq websites have little information other than software updates and a basic User manual.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Hi :)

    Some Compaqs do NOT have a cmos battery as you are thinking of it, some are small , squarish and soldered into the motherboard...

    You will have to strip the lappy completely to find it, and its NOT the job for an amateur...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I have a laptop B3828, same series as yours. Though I can't find service manual. I'm surely that it has CMOS battery. All I can find are :
    for Presario 3000
    (website shows that it has 4 parts, but they are all the same, 1 part is enough)
    for Presario 2500

    They explain how to disassemble until you reach CMOS battery. However they are neither B3000 nor B3800.
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