First Timer Gaming Build

Hey guys, just looking for some friendly advice.

Approx Purchase Date: Within the ned 20 days

Budget Range: 1000-2000, it's a huge range, i know, but it's for my birthday and it all depends on what my parents give me.

Parts Not Required: Mouse(have a razer naga), Monitor(i want a triple monitor set up, but don't know if that will happen at the time of purchase), Speakers(have a logitech 2.1 set up)

Preferred Site:

Country: U.S. (Illinois)

Overclocking: Yes

SLI: Mabye, depends on price

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080, or whatever the equivalent is of 3 monitors

Additional Stuff: So far this is what i have picked out, no graphics card but i think i am going to go with the 680(might SLI at a later point) or the 690 if my parents allow it.
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  1. forgot to say, also using a hyper 212 evo
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