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Problem with 2x Radeon HD 5770's running multiple monitors

Hello, I recently built a computer for my uncle, with two graphics cards, and we are having troubles hooking up more than two monitors. The two graphics cards in questions are MSI R5770 Hawk Radeon HD 5770 .

This graphic card has outputs for 1x DVI, 1x HDMI, and 1x Display Port

Monitors include:

2x ASUS VE247H (with VGA/DVI/HDMI outputs)
1x westinghouse monitor (with VGA output)
1x old Magnavox TV (with VGA output)

We have done research, and realize we may need to buy a powered DP to DVI adaptor, however our question is why can't we utilize the bottom graphics card without buying the display port adaptor?

Also, note, when he plugs in all the cables to the bottom card, NOTHING works. Nothing is displayed on the monitors when using the bottom graphics card alone, even when its just two monitors being used. To make sure the computer is actually seeing the second card, I had him run an experience index, and his graphics score is higher than my single XFX 5770.

Might be wondering why he wants all these monitors- its for a trading machine, so he can utilize all of them just fine :)

Many thanks in advance!
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    If he is not gaming, you can turn off crossfire and use both cards to power screens(3 each card with 1 on each being DP or active DP - DVI/HDMI/VGA). Or 4 DVI/HDMI with needed passive cables or adapters
  2. First of all, when using AMD Cards in crossfire, only the top card will provide video signal. The second is just there to add "processing" power. To use a third monitor, you will need to purchase an active displayport adapter. The maximum number of monitors in crossfire is going to be 3. Now, I dont know due to never having tried to to un-crossfire and have both adapters provide display signal, that MAY be possible, but I dont know for sure. I currently use an hd5770 and a hd6770 in crossife and run 3 monitors, though only play games mostly on 1. I hope this helps
  3. I would suggest not crossfiring the cards. I ran two HD 4850s not in cross fire to power three monitors.

    Just open up Catalyst Control Center (CCC) and uncheck the crossfire box to use the display outputs on both cards.
  4. Without being at is computer, it will be hard for me to guide him on how to turn this off, and I don't use crossfire so I cant find the settings in my AMD Control Center. Will just disconnecting the crossfire cable, from the case, do the same thing?
  5. I'm on the phone with him now, and crossfire is already disabled in the CCC :heink:
  6. Check the device manager to ensure both cards are in fact detected(After all without crossfire, the WEI score should NOT change).

    Right click on My Computer(or it may just be called Computer depending of your version of windows) and select Manage.

    Once in the next window, select Device Manager.

    From that section, see what you have under "Display Adapters". You should have 2 cards. In that config, with crossfire off, you should be able to use the cards separately.

    You can see what windows own display properties show since even that can setup multi monitor.
  7. He figured that part out himself, somehow, and checked that earlier today. Shows both cards working, and operating. Crossfire is turned off, but still can't get more than two monitors working.
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  9. All fixed, thanks for the help guys.
  10. Glad you got it working.
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