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I need the fastest dial up modem available. Also prefer the exterior model that could be shared with a couple of PC’s. No present need for simultaneous use. Ext. desirable but not a must.
Windows 98 OS on all and Earthlink is the ISP. I have; Cheapie Motorola 56k, after 3-4 tries and 1-2½ min to logon connects at speeds of 28-44k, mostly at the low end. Actiontec 56k fails to logon about 25% of time. Then about the same as the Motorola except it freezes the old p54c Intel jobber quite often. IRQ thing? Other modems in same pci slot and on same comm port doesn’t have this problem, maybe Actiontec huh? SmartLink 56k always connects on 2nd try at 34.6-44 with 40-44.5k being the norm. It takes a little over 2 min for it to connect after making contact with the server. This is time waiting to verify user name and password! This is a $28 job but seems to be the most reliable. Trying to find something for the A7V133 that should take most of the use. Tried UsRobotics 5686 lots of bells but connection speeds disappointing, Now using a Hayes that is terrible.
It has the new V.92 standard and V44 compression w/modem on hold feature. Fails to connect half of the time with the 10 redial sets and has never connected at over 38.6k. downloads are always negotiated downwards. This could be a kick down problem caused by the server’s equipment. Just to make sure, I have switched the modems around with essentially the same results(uninstall of previous and clean installs). And yes I have a dialog with earthlink. Please give me some recommendations for the best modem under $150.
Thanks in advance for your time
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  1. I guess you're looking for a reliable modem... All modems stated at 56k should go at that speed but the market is littered with crap modems. I have a LT (Lucent Technologies) Winmodem 56k ISA. I don't use it anymore, but when I did, I connected at 50.666kbps+ all the time. Lucent tends to have the best modems. Look for any brand that uses the Lucent chipset and just install the Lucent generic drivers. I downloaded at 5.6KBps on average (so says the download bars).

    I don't see what's so good about US Robotics... The fastest I've ever seen them connect was at 49kbps. As far as I'm concerned, USR is junk.

    Oh, you might also want to look into Earthlink. It could be that they just have a crappy server.

    Good luck
  2. hey thanks for the Lucent tip and I'm working on the Earthlink thing, my biggest problem with them is the 7 months that I have left on my years' paid contract. I know that the connection problem is theirs if not the connection speed.......Thanks again
  3. Lucent makes the best modem chipset, and I have never had a bad manufaturer that used them. Even the cheap $9 Lucent modems are top notch. IF you connect at a slow speed with a Lucent, it's your connection, not the modem.

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
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