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Finally after long period of 6 years, it's time to say goodbye to my Pentium -4 2.8 Ghz. And i am planning to buy a budget CPU. :D
I am a bit confused with 3 of the systems!!! As i already have purchased 500GB Seagate SATA, 9500GT(I know it sucks) and 18.5'' LED, i just need to buy Processor, Motherboard, cabinet, Ram!!!!

My main use of the desktop will be Surfing Internet, youtube, watching movies and sometimes playing games. As i am a casual gamer, i will be playing games on Low-Medium settings.

Following is the system which i am confused. So what do u think what should i get!!! Since i am very tight on budget, price does matter for me!!!

Amd x2 260 3.2 Ghz - $60
Asus M5-A78 - $52
Cabinet - standard 450Watt $25
Transcend - 2 GB DDR3 - $15
Total - $ 152
Passmark CPU Benchmark - 1883

Amd A6-3500 2.1 Ghz - $75
Biostar A55ML - $57
2GB DDR3 - $15
same cabinet
Total - $ 162
Passmark CPU Benchmark - 2119

Intel Pentium G620 - $60
compatible mobo - $52
other same as above
Total - $152
Passmark CPU Benchmark - 2468

Another important thing is i am planning to buy a Graphics Card in few months so i am tempted to buy Amd A-6 3500 because it does support Hybrid GPU. So is that a plus point??
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    if you can stretch your budget i would build this

    processor: AMD A8-3870K
    it comes with a radeon hd6550 graphics card for $140

    motherboard :ASUS F1A55-M LX $65

    ram: Crucial Ballistix sport 4GB $27

    psu: Thermaltake Smart SP-530P 530W $60

    total $292 i know more than you were expecting but you got your graphics card there too
  2. I am really not in the position of stretching my budget right now :( , as i am not asking my father for the money!!! :non:
    your suggestion does makes sense!!! but i would have to wait couple of months for your suggested system!!! :pfff:
  3. You can cut the power supply by using an Antec earthwatts 380D

    But I agree with kiezz. For a very very tight budget, that build is the way to go.
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