How make dell inspiron N5010 boot from cd?

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  1. Go into BIOS. Look for BOOT ORDER. Put the CD above the disk drive.

    Your manual will tell you how to get into BIOS, typically hold a key during power on.
  2. the button is most likely [delete] ^^^^^^^^^
  3. Hello ,

    My name is MANISH and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell.When you start your computer, check the boot-screen for setup key, In most newer pc it will be DELETE key, so make sure to check it.
    >This AmiBios Require you to press DEL key to enter setup now you will see some similar screen and choose the BOOT option and choose Boot Device Priority and choose first boot device to CDROM and second boot device to HARD DRIVE You can press F10 to save settings.
    >and set First Boot Device to CDROM and Second or third to HDD-0 and Press F10 to save it
    >On some Dell Systems you can enter bios by pressing F2
    >Now choose Boot Sequence and then arrance 1 to CD-Rom by pressing - + and press space to enable it
    Press ESC and choose save settings and exit
    >On some Dell Systems you can enter bios by pressing F2
    >Sometimes you can press F12 to temporary boot from cd on some Dell Systems
    >Press F2 to enter bios setup
    >and set Boot Sequence to A,CDROM,C and Press Esc and then F10 to save it.
    >Some Computer has Option to temporary boot from Cd/Hdd/Floppy/Usb Device, Just keep tapping the F8 button to get Boot Menu and Now choose your manufacture of CDRom. It appears to be an issue with dell inspiron N5010 boot from cd.

  4. Some corporations make it hard to book from USB or DVD to cut out an attack vector. Try hitting F12 before windows starts to see if you can get a boot menu.
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