GPU crashing. Issue with PSU or GPU?

Hi guys,

So recently my GPU keeps crashing when I'm playing any game then forcing the computer to restart. To further explain the crashing the screen will go black, audio will still play for a couple of seconds, then the audio will lock up on one sound then the computer restarts. While restarting the computer doesn't actually power off (shut down completly) which kinda leads me to believe its not the PSU but I could be wrong. When I log back in I get an error that says something along the lines of my graphics card has crashed forcing windows to restart.

Now my GPU is a few years old and a fairly cheap one, Geforce 210, so its not surprising that it could be going. Also the fan on the thing sounds like its going. While checking the temperature its at 60 degrees normally and shoots up to 80 - 90 while gaming, do believe the max temp on the card is 105 or so. I cleaned the computer and everything and all of the fans besides the one on the GPU are running fine.

Also this started after I started playing KoA: Reckoning, which I know my current GPU shouldn't be able to handle so that is probably what pushed it over the top.

So my question is am I right that it is most likely the GPU and not the PSU?

I do plan on replacing both just planned on doing the GPU 1st since that seems like the most likely answer to my problem but wanted to get your guys opinion on the matter.

Thanks for you help
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  1. Does not seem like a PSU problem almost surely the GPU overheating.
  2. If you are overworking the GPU, it could in turn be overworking the PCIe slot on the motherboard, and in turn the +12v rail on the PSU. You did not mention what PSU you have, but it could also just be that it is inadequate. One way to check would be to see if the PSU fan is working harder than normal.

    Basically something has to give which may eventually be the vid card, the motherboard, or the PSU. If the PSU is a good one with overvolt protection etc., it should be all right, once again if it is powerful enough. A good quality 300 watt would run that card, but not a cheapo one.
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