I am getting ATI Radeon HD 6670.My sytem specs asus p5g41c-mlx motherboard,qu

I am getting ATI Radeon HD 6670.My system specs Asus p5g41c-mlx motherboard,quad Q6600 @2.4ghz ,8 gigsCosair ddr3 and VIp gold 400 watts psu.
Any chance of bottle necking or complications when gaming?
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  1. no bottlenecks
  2. No Bottlenecks Indeed.
  3. What about my psu will is be able to handle the card?. Considering my current specs.
  4. yes! it is designed as a low profile gfx card and even runs on my 300w crappy psu of my personal htpc
  5. Alright Thanks :-)
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